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Unleash creativity.
Innovate better, faster.

Everyone is creative,
anyone can innovate,
you just need to learn how.

A Program for People

Packaging 20+ years of people experience

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I’ve codified 20+ years of proven innovation into a unique behavioural experience to unleash the power of individual creativity and team collaboration.

I’ve called it the BIF People Program — because it’s people who identify problems & opportunities, who gain insight, who spark genius ideas and who test & develop them to market.

Critical thinking and problem-solving top the list of skills employers believe will grow in prominence in the next five years

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10 Behaviours

This program narrates 10 proven behaviours of thinking, doing and being creative — start with solo talent, collaborate to apply it, then deepen confidence in it and capacity for it:


1. Curiosity

1. Curiosity

It feeds our creativity.

2. Empathy

2. Empathy

It’s understanding our audiences.


3. Collaborating

3. Collaborating

It’s our creativity, with others.

4. Facilitating

4. Facilitating

The magic of fresh ‘data’ and ‘time’.

5. Designing

5. Designing

Creative meetups designed for flow.

6. Leading

6. Leading

Stretching our leadership styles.


7. Tuning-in

7. Tuning-in

Nurturing our creativity within.

8. Resilience

8. Resilience

Staying true and strong come what may.

9. +1

9. +1

Nurturing an 'outside' thing... it might become THE thing.

10. Letting Go

10. Letting Go

The best ideas are yet to come.

The Program Elements

A modern mix of learning and doing

MH screen

Matt’s the best at making creativity a practical, everyday thing

Annie Parker – Global Lead Equity, Inclusion & Social Impact, Microsoft

The Manual:
Part Handbook, Part Journal

Elearning Platform:
Videos, Podcasts & Digital Toolbox

BIF App:
The Best Ideas are Spontaneous

Zooms and/​or In-Person

Taking the Program

Self Study or Client L&D

Snakes and ladders 4

Creativity is an individual competence — once attained it can be then shared.

Simon Blyth – Professor of Innovation, Bristol University

Self Study

The combination of the printed manual, online elearning and collaboration platform makes it possible for anyone to fully engage with BIF People Self Study and get magical results from it. 

The learn-and-do nature makes this a true exchange of value — an exponential ROI (the program fee) as both increased personal creativity and the new-value outputs worked on during the applied project work. 

Take a listen to the intro podcast to know more …

Matt introduces BIF People Program
I want to know more

Matt’s an inspiration

Andy Parfitt – Ex-Controller BBC Radio 1

Client Learning and Development

I’ve delivered BIF People Program for industry leaders around the world. 

I’ve not shouted about the program’s impact — but the combination of personal learning and applied innovation with my support makes this a unique, transformative experience for people and enterprises lucky enough to experience it. 

BIF People can be tailored to fit desired objectives — be it New Product Development, People Training and/​or Cultural Transformation. 

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