BIF is the power of applied creative thinking to solve problems and create new value.

More deeply, BIF is the creative genius inside everyone. It’s the gateway to our higher selves, to create the lives we want to lead, the work we want to do — to become the people we want to be.

The problem of creativity is that too many are educated out of this natural-born talent. It starts early in schooling and is complete by the time we reach adulthood — we’re big people with little idea!

No wonder enterprises struggle to realise the potential of creativity and innovation?! People no longer believe in their creative human within.

So that’s my fight. And not just because it’s drives enterprise value and supports our personal wellbeing (for sure it’s all that). 

Our times demand an entirely new generation of problem solvers, innovators and change-makers who have agency in the solving of our 21st-century problems.

The future is creative humans.

That future is now.

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