BIF is known for the power of applied creative thinking to solve problems and create new value for organisations, businesses and brands around the world, from startups to global industry leaders.

More deeply, we believe in creativity as the gateway to our higher selves, that helps us create the lives we want to lead and the work we want to do; to become the people we want to be.

The problem of creativity is that too many are educated out of this natural born talent. This development away from innate creativity begins early in classrooms and schools and progresses into young adulthood. So much that by the time we enter the workforce, the belief in our creativity has atrophied — it’s no longer a part of who we are, why we are and how we can be.

Is it any wonder then that enterprises struggle realising the potential of creativity and innovation! It’s not just that the business and culture find it difficult. It’s that people no longer believe in their creative human within.

So that’s our BIF fight. And not just because it’s all softly softly good, needed and rewarding for us and our wellbeing (for sure it’s all that). It’s because our times demand an entire new generation of creative problem solvers, innovators and enterprises tooled and ready to get on with tackling our 21st century problems — and in doing so derive amazing new personal value for them, advantage for their businesses and brands, and critically to be part of transforming our world.

The future is creative humans.

That future is now.

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