Don’t have a career.
Innovate a future.

We are now entering an Apprenticeship Economy’ in which young people have to learn by doing. This generation increasingly defines itself by its enterprise in the 10,000hrs of graft by which it earns success.

The challenge for this generation is how to not have a career, because a linear career no longer exits for most. Today’s solution is to learn by doing — finding a start, learning on the job’, taking learned experiences forward and trading them into the next ones. From such an agile collection of work experiences, workers will formulate or stumble across their own north star’ … an empowered, resilient future in which purpose, talent and personal profit collide.

I’m reframing my innovation programmes towards building inspirational content and active learning around the notion of a BIF101 — a new dynamic path for young people to move from education into enterprising and entrepreneurial learning by doing. 

My North Star is to launch BIF101 as an experiential program for global youth ; inspiring the next-generations to embrace their dynamic (and challenged) future confidently, via exemplar stories and skills investment to become the next-gen problem solvers our world desperately needs. 

Matt can do any idea he wants to. I told him just do 101 — it’s that important

Gav Thompson – Founder of GiffGaff, Ex Global Director of Innovation. Telefonica

Pilot in West London Media School

IMG 8058

This was an early collaboration to deliver a pared down BIF101 program for Global Academy; using the challenge of how to support emergent Artists establishing an early fanbase’ as the touchstone for learning enterprising innovation by doing creative problem-solving. 


Beginning with educating individual and team creativity.


Applied creative collaboration using Artists briefs.


Showcasing team results and giving feedback.

It’s Matt’s passion for future generations that makes Better Ideas Faster so compelling

Gail Gallie, Co-Founder Project Everyone

BIF101 for Next-Gen Problem Solvers

Poster Q6 a rising tide A2

Distilled from 20+ years of proven global innovation including the founding of 2 tech startups, BIF101 codifies the creative thinking, doing and being for next-gen problem-solving, by next-gen problem solvers. 

BIF101: 6 Parts, 101 Learnings

BIF101 takes learners on an immersive experience through the 5 disciplines of next-gen problem solving:

1. Process
the BIF 6-steps of creative problem-solving 

2. Thinking
the neuroscience of creative thinking

3. Applied
applied creativity through disciplined process

4. Culture
organising frameworks for enterprise performance

5. Agency
coalescing learnings into personal agency

Everyone is creative, anyone can innovate, you just need to learn how



BIF101 is a 20-week program of young people learning and doing together. We use real world problems (local community challenges and/​or sponsored problems) as the programmatic spine for applied problem solving. 

All learning knowledge (video, audio, digital toolbox) and applied project works are delivered in BIF proprietary peer-to-peer Platform.

Project work is outputted as project case-studies, white papers, dissertations etc for review and accreditation. 


All youth between the ages of 16 – 25; from senior college & academy/​tertiary students, to apprentices & 1st job workers, including budding entrepreneurs & startup teams.


  • Technical integrating the skills & processes of creative innovation that is next-gen problem-solving
  • Productive working real problems to produce results as proof of becoming a next-gen problem solver’
  • Human experiencing creative collaboration as a superpower for individual & team performance
  • Meta deeply understanding how creativity provides personal agency to realise our best selves


Negotiable depending on class/​team size and whether in-school or in-work.

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