Introducing Madix and the BIFBOTS.

Meet Madix: a 15 year old girl living in the near-future, whose natural creativity receives an explosive boost when she is gifted a strangely un-robotic robot she names Beauchamp.

Beauchamp’s desire to learn about Madix and her creativity leads her — and later friend Tyker too — to new levels of interest in the world around them, but also into danger. Madix and the BIFBOTS follows them as they go on a journey of creative discovery that may be the chance to change their — and everyone else’s — world for ever…


Developing a creativity curriculum

New Tokyo

In 2017 Matt was approached by interests in AI and Robotics to develop a creative curriculum for middle school.

The vision was to wrap creativity and problem solving around STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math). Having worked in this space with Cisco, Matt knew what it would take to help prepare teens to thrive in the 21st century.

With the confluence of grand global problems and digital transformation, the world needs individuals who not only have the desire to make the world better but also the knowledge and skills to do so. A new generation of problem solvers must be discovered, prepared and engaged.


The solution Matt created was edutainment’; first engage through entertainment (Fortnite anyone?!) and then embed within that entertainment a creative problem-solving learning experience. He developed a junior translation of his adult People Program, focusing on the central four behaviours of Curiosity, Empathy, Collaboration and Resilience.

And so, Madix and the BIFBOTS was born.


A big, bold vision

Madix Page06 Teach Me 03

Matt is innovating Madix and the BIFBOTS as the learn-and-do creativity + technology program for global teens. The first entertaining’ story of the Madix Trilogy sets out the future world, the creative challenge Madix and friends face and introduces technology via a sentient robot. This first story will soon launch as a graphic novel. Fast following will be educational learning-by-doing through after-school clubs, then more entertainment through film, tv, music et al.

What's Next


Creating ideas to better make, move and use energy.



Repurposing dairy to create fans of a healthier world.



Capturing the colours of adventurous creativity.