My Story

BIF Founder Matt Hart is 25+ years proven as an outer-minded thinker who combines the art of ideas, the science of progress, and a deep trust in the power of curious empathy to unleash people’s creativity and innovate fans of world-changing brands. 

He’s the middle child of a big and tumultuous Irish Catholic family in New Zealand. His first job was wild; becoming a forest ranger, roaming north and south to protect and conserve the natural wonders of middle earth”. He left to study the science of marine biology, following his passions for the ocean as a fanatical surfer. It was at University that he discovered his capacity for making new connections from vast amounts of data, find patterns where others could not — then dream-up inspired new thoughts and ideas.

From this start, he learned to fuse together his love of the environment with a rapid-fire intellect to realise a totally unconventional out-of-any-box approach to creative problem-solving. 

This talent landed him in London. After a short stint in creative agencies, he left to set up on his own. He’s known for Fandom — innovating breakthrough brands, products and services, with everyone from wealthy footballers, No1 selling pop artists and cinematic stars, to CEO’s, government departments and household brands. He’s co-founded a tech startup, been an innovation ambassador for Unicef, and is a visiting fellow of the Royal Institute of Great Britain.

He’s the Mozart of brand and fan innovation

Andrew Harvey – World renown Spiritual Teacher, Scholar, and Founder of Sacred Activism

Inspired by extraordinary experiences that he had as a young man — that helped him heal in various amazing ways — he is now combining his lifelong passions of nature, creativity and innovation as a response to our worlds climate crisis. He’s democratising his innovation experience through words (books), conversations (podcasts) and learning programs. He’s establishing BIFKiDS to be the global brand to nurture the next generation of creative problem solvers. He’s co-venturing purpose-led brands and is in the early development of an extraordinary ancient mysticism meets the quantum field” designed to electrify the human spirit.

Matt’s Do Lecture

Matt shared his story a few years back at the Do Lectures;
they’re like TED but in a tent, in a field, in Wales. 

Matt Hart has had many jobs that have shaped him into the renowned global innovator that he is today. He starts with an idea and using innovation to add value to working up a better idea’ faster. His approach is to figure things out as you go along. That creates speed from learning by doing. And learning from the insights that doing gives you. He is a human accelerator. Boom.

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