Our children are little people with big ideas.
They’ll need them to thrive in the future.

Ideas are changing our world at unprecedented speed. The future we adults are preparing our little people for will be radically different from today. The need for creativity, imagination and human problem solving will be great. Those with ideas will flourish.

BIFKiDS is a response to this need. I’m reframing 20+ years of BIF Enterprise Innovation into Better Ideas Faster, by Kids; imaginative stories, fun workshops and playful resources designed to nurture and educate kids into their future-proofing creativity and wild imaginations.

Ideas can change our world.

So here’s to Ideas Girls and Boys everywhere.


Introducing idea superheroes

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BIFKiDS are kids who have secret superpowers. Ruff the dog is the only one that knows BIFKiDS solve problems through the power of their ideas…

Ideas Girl No.1

Can your kids use their creativity to help Hettie solve a searching problem?


Ideas Boy No.1

Can your kids use their creativity to help Jack solve a stinky problem?

Sock What about parents?

Take a look at my Parenting handbook …


Problem-solving resources

Kids Activities

We’re exploring BIFKiDS activity books; monthly problem-solving handbooks for Ideas Girls and Boys. 

Activity Book No.1

The problem-solving handbook for Ideas Girls & Boys.


We prototyped Covid-lockdown’ creative workshops for kids over Zoom — there’s definitely something in this and we love it!


By kids, for kids

Kids collab section

CSR, sustainability, purpose, these are all iterations of the same thing, all moving towards an unavoidable new normal. At some point in the near future we need to live in a world where all business has a positive social and environmental impact on the world, and the brands that do this for real will be the winners.

Jamie Burdett – Sustainability Innovator and friend of BIFKiDS

BIFKiDS help brands understand a great question to sponsor’, convene groups of children (local or directly connected to their companies) and provide a process that produces amazing communication assets, a beautiful story, a fun kids investment’ project — or go even further into new product or service development.

How does it work? The process is adaptable and scalable using these 3 Steps:

Step One

Define the challenge

Asking the right questions: What’s the right problem for brand and kids to solve? What is the desired outcome?

Step Two

Activate BIFKIDS workshops

Design and deliver the workshop

Step Three

Activate brand outputs

Showcase what’s been created and productise as physical/​digital outputs

Just like this

Recent Collabs


Capturing the colours of adventurous creativity.



Creating ideas to better make, move and use energy.


Outdoor Classroom Day

Using nature to inspire solutions to real-life problems.



Creative content and free tools

kids resources section

Matt in conversation

Matt talks creativity and kids with Kinderling Radio, Australia.

How to inspire creative thinking in children

Ideas Girl

As read by #IdeasGirl No1.

Ideas Girl Part One

Ideas Girl Animation

Our first try at making Ideas Girl move …

Ideas Girl No1

See #IdeasGirl No1 at work in the booth recording her first ever story.

BIFKiDS worksheet

We’ve translated our BIFKiDS problem-solving process onto a singleworksheet. 

This blank canvas narrates our What/​Why/​How/​Make process as a practise sheet for kids to express their creative problem-solving talents through pen, paper and ideas. Free to download and print (A4 or better A3).


What's Next


Repurposing dairy to create fans of a healthier world.



Creating ideas to better make, move and use energy.


Outdoor Classroom Day

Using nature to inspire solutions to real-life problems.