Understand fan behaviour.
Grow the biggest audience.

Fans, not customers.

Fandom hands

I’ve pioneered Fandom for modern brand and fan innovation.

For the past 20+ years, I’ve partnered with client to add hundreds of millions of new fans for the likes of BBC, Cisco, Spotify, Unicef and Warner Music amongst others.

I’ve developed a unique fandom method that employs my proprietary Cone™ lens that redefines the role ideas play in people’s lives — to grow fans rather than have customers.

My Cone™ team is a band of outer-minded thinkers in pursuit of an empathetic approach to audience innovation. By combining human emotion with data science we get to the heartbeat of what makes people fans of the world’s leading brands.

Matt’s one of the smartest people I know

Ged Doherty – Chairman BPI UK, Co-Founder Rain Dog Films, Ex Chairman & CEO Sony Music UK

Fandom Cone™ Projects

I’ve crafted Fandom methods to solve brand and fan problems across 3 phases:


Cone™ to map, understand and profile target audiences. Direct-with-fans cocreation to qualify understanding and craft new growth strategies.


Apply Cone™ insight to innovate breakthrough brand & fan ideas to grow the biggest possible audience. Integrate Cone™ data with reference architecture. 


Commercialise new ROI — ideas, brands, fans, rights, venues, partnerships, sponsors et al. Innovate to improve the total audience experience, and identify and model future fan horizons.

To explore Fandom Cone™ for your brands and fans, contact me below and lets chat.

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A-Z of Fandom

A handbook to harness the power of fans.

Fans love

To introduce Fandom, I’ve put together a short book with a powerful punch. 

My fandom handbook distils 20+ years of pioneering fan and brand innovation with industry leaders. It will challenge conventional thinking, stimulate the creative spirit, and inspire new transformative ideas and strategies.

But first, you must speak the language of FANDOM. And this is the A-Z.

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Recent Client Project


Repurposing dairy to create fans of a healthier world.


What's Next

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Repurposing dairy to create fans of a healthier world.