Repurposing Dairy for a Healthier World


When a client thinks they’re gathering for a 2 day new-brand workshop, but end up embracing total innovation towards a new sustainable future for New Zealand and beyond …

In Sept 2017 Matt in London took a call from John Penno in NZ — then Synlait Founder and CEO — to explore a Synlait investigation into modern consumer brands and the possibilities therein. Together with ex-global marketing collaborator Hamish Reid — now Synlait Director for Sustainability and Brand — the following 2 years became of program of what Matt calls line-of-sight’ innovation to better understand the role of sustainability in people’s lives …

To authentically connect new sustainability with audiences means being transparently ready for them to look under the hood to see how real you are! That meant the program became about getting to the DNA of Synlait, baking new sustainability into the purpose and values, and then innovating through-the-line from culture, to people including stakeholders and farmers and suppliers, to ideas, to organisation brand and storytelling in market… i.e. a direct line-of-sight from the promise on the packet’ back through innovations to how they do what you do, who they are and why they are — THAT today is 21st century brand and fan innovation. 

We want to inspire a sustainable transformation within New Zealand and beyond — Matt was key to inspiring us

Hamish Reid – Synlait Director for Sustainability and Brand

The Program

Results in progress

Synlait are on track to become part of the global movement of Certified B corporations and establish a social investment fund to boost support for communities, organisations and projects aligned to Synlait’s sustainability goals

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