How do we better make, move and use energy?


BIFKiDS and Powershop NZ collaborated around a you have more power than you think’ program. The program was anchored through their nationwide customer call centre as part of better connecting with their local community. We engaged the local primary school and designed an energy innovation’ program where kids used their creative problem-solving superpowers to explore how Powershop could better make, move and use power for the benefit of all New Zealand.

Activating the program

Some idea worksheet examples

The kids made their ideas real

And then we chose a winning team

And made their idea into this story

The BIFKiDS team took Lily and Zara’s idea as the inspiration for a new Ideas Girl story. We translated the problem of energy into our family setting and then had Hettie and Ruff become idea superheroes to creatively solve the problem. Powershop then printed a ton of copies that we gifted back to the primary school with a monetary donation for being involved. The Customer Call centre gave the rest away as a Powershop community promotion. All in all, a brilliant way for the brand to invest in kids, schools and communities to show how they​‘have more power than they think’.

Congratulations Lily and Zara … Ideas Girls

Lily and Zara’s Ideas Girl Story

Enjoy a PDF copy free courtesy of BIFKiDS and Powershop.


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